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Making offshore mining possible, profitable and sustainable is a joint ambition of DI and her sister companies within the DEME Group. The DEME Group substantiates this ambition by investing in... Read more

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“Decreasing the world’s dependence on fossil fuel, increases our dependence on minerals. GSR, in collaboration with all stakeholders, is looking for ways how  seabed minerals can contribute to the sustainable... Read more

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“Deep sea mining of rare earth minerals is still an emerging industry and both technologically and environmentally challenging. Blue Nodules provides the opportunity to advance our knowledge.. Read more..

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“Blue Nodules is an exciting project that has the potential to bring society closer to utilize the vast deep marine mineral resources. NTNU is an active part of Blue Nodules... Read more

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Ocean noise has always existed, both in natural and biological forms. Without any doubt, due to its recent and uncontrolled character, the massive introduction of artificial sound .. Read more..

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‘The search for rare earth elements, whilst taking into account the environment, bring together the need continue to grow technology and the method to do this in a responsible way..... Read more

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“The mining of deep-sea mineral deposits will have an unprecedented impact on an environment that has until now remained almost untouched by mankind. How deep-sea ecosystems will be affected on... Read more

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“Seabed mining represents a considerable technical challenge but also a high potential for future business growth. ContiTech Oil & Gas wishes to be at the forefront of this move into... Read more

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“Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by sea and oceans, yet we seem to know less about our ocean space than outer space… Read More