The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya [BarcelonaTech (UPC)] is a public institution with a vocation to serve society. It offers broad higher education in a wide range of technical, artistic and humanistic fields. The UPC has adopted a management model based on the transparency of objectives and results, across all its constituent units. Its overall aim is to foster the improvement of educational, research and management activities, and offer greater transparency and accountability to society.

The Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB) of the UPC holds expertise in: Signal Modelling and Analysis; 3D Numerical simulations; Acoustic Propagation Model & Acoustic Target Model; Biosonar and Communication Mechanisms; Control of Marine Noise Pollution; Measurement and monitoring of anthropogenic sound sources; Development of passive techniques to explore the ocean Assessment of noise pollution effects on marine organisms; Automatic identification and classification of biological and anthropogenic sound sources; Tracking of marine mammals with passive techniques and Ambient Noise Imaging; Ethical and Legal Aspects of Marine Mammal Research; Cross-disciplinary approach to help creating policies towards underwater anthropogenic noise control.

Country: Spain
Website: www.upc.edu