RWTH Aachen University performs since many years as the top ranked technical University of Excellence in Germany. Joint research with industry and large collaborative research centres are a particular strength of RWTH Aachen University.

The Unit of Mineral Processing (AMR) is a world known institution educating and researching in the field of mineral processing. This includes analysis, characterization, comminution, screening, sorting and de-watering of industrial minerals, coal, ores and other non-metallic minerals. Due to cooperation with national and international companies the education and research activities are on the highest level. The research activities are dealing with fundamental as well as application orientated research.

The Institute for Mining and Metallurgical Machinery (IMR) is part of the Division of Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing and Recycling at the RWTH Aachen University. The research activities of IMR are subdivided into four areas of application; Sensor Technology and Automation, Diagnostics and Maintenance, Rock cutting as well as Simulation and Engineering Tools. The goal of the IMR is to offer fundamental research, as well as industry oriented research and practice oriented services

Country: Germany