Blue Nodules latest news

Blue Nodules on the website of The Motorship

Minerals on and beneath the seabed may represent the next great bounty of the ocean, but retrieving them can be a daunting challenge. Stevie Knights examines two early deep-sea mining... Read more

Blue Nodules in EU Horizon magazine

Phil Weaver (Seascape) and Laurens de Jonge (IHC) gave an interview for the EU Horizon magazine on the Blue Nodules project. The article called ‘Underwater debris is clouding hopes for... Read more

The first Blue Nodules newsletter

The first Blue Nodules newsletter has been published. It appoints the following topics: Developing Subsea Harvesting equipment and technologie Assessing and minimizing environmental impacts of deep sea polymetallic nodule harvesting,... Read more

Blue Nodules General Assembly 02 on Texel – The Netherlands

A two day consortium meeting was held on the 15th and 16th of November 2016 on Texel – The Netherlands at the NIOZ organisation. This General Assembly meeting gathered all partners... Read more

Blue Nodules at the 22nd annual International Seabed Authority (ISA) session

Two Royal IHC employees were invited by the Dutch government to join its delegation at the 22nd annual International Seabed Authority (ISA) session in Kingston, Jamaica on 12-20 July 2016.... Read more

Blue Nodules at the Underwater Mining Conference 2016

On 11 October, Rodney Norman presented the EC funded Blue Nodules project at the Underwater Mining Conference: UMC 2016, held in Incheon in South Korea from 9 to 13 October... Read more

Blue Nodules at the SMM fair in Hamburg

On September 8th 2016,  Laurens de Jonge presented “Applying technology to seabed mining: using dredging and offshore technology to mine minerals on the seabed” at the “Offshore Dialogue” conference of... Read more

Blue Nodules Flyer

We are excited to launch the flyer of the Blue Nodules project! Check out the flyer below (click to enlarge):       FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

Blue Nodules Kick Off Meeting in Kinderdijk, NL

The Blue Nodules Project had its succesfull Kick Off Meeting in Kinderdijk, Netherlands, hosted by IHC. The event took place on the 9th and 10th of February,2016. All participants went... Read more

Blue Nodules Press release

European consortium launches Blue Nodules project the first of February 2016. The 5th of February was the Press release spread out. Read the press release. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint