Dissemination / Promotion of results

To maximize the dissemination of results and to promote the project findings within Blue Nodules a part of the work is allocated to these dissemination and exploitation activities. As mentioned in the foreword of the coordinator from the start a dedicated website was launched which will be regularly updated. We suggest you have a look here. Since we have started this year with the project, till now the focus of the work has been more on dissemination and not yet on exploitation, but that will come in the coming period. For this project a logo has been created that is on top if this newsletter. A flyer and a general presentation has been created within the project. If you want to know more on the Blue Nodules project the website is a good start but you can also have a look at the flyer. We will present our project results at international conferences and organise workshops. If you want to get informed on these please subscribe to the Blue Nodules newsletter.